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I'm Carisa.

I'm an interdisciplinary designer with an expertise (mostly) in graphic and digital design.

I've spent most of my life in Qatar as an expatriate, and I consider my transnational identity as an empowering asset in my work. My research often surrounds perspectives within Indonesian youth culture. I have great interest in feminism, personal game design and zine-making as an alternative storytelling practice. 

For this thesis, I've made discursive artifacts that I've tailored to Muslim women, particularly hijab-wearing Muslimah. I'm exploring different ways she can be represented through media circulations that are not necessarily of the mainstream, while also promoting additional tools to further creative representational practice of identity.

Did any of these artifacts resonate with you? Reach out below!

This project is part of the OCADU Digital Futures 'cyberhaze' Online Graduate Thesis Exhibition, 2020. 
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